Static Calculations in CAD Environment

For your needs regarding the scaffolding systems, you can send your project to to be informed about the stocks and delivery time as soon as possible with a written offer and project prepared at the end of the required analysis.

19.09.2014 Dated Communique No. 29124 of the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization: The communique on the external facade scaffolding composed of wood, precast steel, and aluminum alloy components requires detailed drawings of the joints along with the performance and design requirement calculations of the scaffolds that will be used on the external facades of the buildings.

The performance and the capacity of the facade scaffolding systems or custom scaffolding systems can be defined with static calculations.

Mart Iskele has the NEMETSCHEK SCIA SCAFFOLDING static calculation certificate and thus serves you the static calculations of the scaffolding systems using the designs made on this programs.

The program solves the project based on the load classes, wind loads, and loading methods defined in TS-EN 12810-12811 and shows the capacities of all the elements of the scaffolding system in customized tables.
In the static calculation report where you can see the capacity calculations of the scaffolding that you will use, you can also see the deflection controls, stability controls, and connector controls.

Sharing all the accurate technical information regarding special application circumstances together with the general information will improve the reliability of the static calculation.
As you can see in the examples of such static calculations made by Mart Iskele in this section, you can also examine the custom designs on our social media accounts.