Scaffolding Sales

We also fulfill all scaffolding system needs by selling systems such as the Secured Facade Scaffolding System, Flanged Wedge Scaffolding System, Mobile Scaffolding System, Platform etc., produce scaffolding systems in line with TS-EN 12810-12811 standards, and fulfill all your needs through our post-production technical support division.

In production, automatic gas metal arc welding machines and TSE-certified pipes and profiles are used. Products are coated with the hot-dip galvanization method as TSE 914-EN ISO 1461 certified in line with European norms. If requested, custom scaffolds painted with rapid paint can be offered, too.

For your needs regarding your scaffolding systems, you can send your project to or specific needs to to be informed about the stocks and delivery time as soon as possible with a written offer prepared at the end of the required analysis.

Scaffolding systems for sale:
Secured Scaffold System
Flanged Scaffold System
Mobile Scaffold System
Scaffold Accessories

Note: The projects that require custom solutions are taken into consideration based on our means.