Secured Scaffold

The system is designed in line with TS-EN 12810 and 12811 standards and all the materials used in the scaffolding system fulfill the respective TSE criteria. In the production of the secured facade scaffolding systems, gas metal arc welding machines and TSE certified pipes and profiles are used.

All the products are coated with the hot-dip galvanization method in line with TSE 914 - EN ISO 1461. Moreover, they may also be prepared as painted products using rapid paints upon request. The secured facade scaffolding system is installed by being leveled with adjusting rods, the vertical pieces of the frame are made of 048-3mm pipes, and the short rods made of 034-2mm pipes are arranged as two-row guard behind the user.

The long rods made of 042-2.5mm pipes are connected diagonally to ensure the rigidity of the scaffold. Metal beams are placed in pairs to create a 64cm wide work area on each row and fixed to their places with the installation of the next row. Thus, the platform's safety is ensured. The application project for the secured scaffolding system is prepared by Mart Iskele based on the architectural project plans, cross-sections, and elevations.