Flanged Wedge Scaffolding System

The Flanged Wedge Scaffolding System is composed of vertical and horizontal elements. In standard production, vertical and horizontal elements are made of 048-3mm industrial pipes, the flanges are 10mm thick with 8 holes and are designed to be mounted with (30)45(60)-90 degrees angles, the dovetail is cast, and the wedge is 6mm thick. Upon request, flanged scaffolding vertical and horizontal elements and dovetails, wedges. and flanges may be produced in different thicknesses and models.

In its production, automatic gas metal arc welding machines and TSE-certified pipes and profiles are used and the products are hot-dip galvanized in line with TSE 914-EN ISO 1461. Upon request, the scaffolding may also be sold as painted with rapid paint. As the flanged scaffolding system is used as a formwork scaffold, it may also be used as a facade scaffold. In the case it is used as a formwork scaffold, the U cup and the four-way U cup required for the formwork elements are produced in line with the poles of the scaffold. The project of the Flanged Scaffolding System is prepared by Mart Iskele based on your formwork project if it will be used as a formwork scaffold and based on your plan, cross-section, and elevations if it will be used as a facade scaffold.